Email– you so crazy

I was going to use the pap below as the legal mumbo-jumbo at the bottom of my emails. I never did though, it looked a bit messy down there and I’m sort of a little bitch of neatness. Anyway here it is—-

Rick Remender

The information in this email is confidential and may be used to confuse and bewilder. It is intended solely for the addressee or the ghost of Nipsy Russel. Access to this email by anyone else is unauthorized by the big face on the spinning pole in TRON, I think it was called CPU or something, I dunno, look it up. Any unauthorized dissemination (look this up as well), distribution and/or copying of this communication, any attachments, and/or the information contained herein is strictly prohibited but I’m not entirely sure by who… Let’s say the NSA will be really unhappy with you and record you having phone sex and send a copy to everyone you work with as a reminder. This is intended also as a legal and binding document between the sender and the receiver that once read entitles the sender to a hot turkey dinner at the expense of the receiver with payment due upon request of the sender as long as the sender notifies the receiver he would like his hot turkey dinner within, say… An hour.

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