Dr. Voodoo

Some of you who follow my jive-ass career know I loves me some Dr/Brother Voodoo. Jericho Drumm is an underutilized classic Marvel hero, an engaging/relatable character, a Haitian immigrant with a tragic backstory, with a creepy and interesting power set and a classic Marvel back story. In my first job at Marvel in 2006 I did a What If? Age of Apocalypse story where Jericho was the the Sorcerer Supreme. It was just nice to get to see it even if it wasn’t “in continuity.”

Couple of years later I turned down Deadpool to pitch/build an ongoing Doctor Voodoo as the Sorcerer Supreme series. It was a treat to get to write Jericho as the actual Sorcerer Supreme in the comics. But, my love of Brother Voodoo and the monster end of the MU wasn’t reflected in the orders and the series was canceled by issue 5. A few months later another writer picked up Jericho and killed him off.

But, now, due to my machinations, and the support of Tom Brevoort, he’s coming back. And in a way that directly ties into the DR. VOODOO series we did way back when. From AXIS to the new UNCANNY AVENGERS we’ll get to see if the character return and continue some of the ideas I had for him.

If you haven’t read it, I’m still damn proud of the trade that came out of it all, you can buy one here for very little cash-money: